As a young HEI, Toros University is focused on developing its academic programmes and increasing the number of students attending and graduating from these programmes, affecting directly the education level locally in Mersin-Adana region and Turkey and European Union in general. Toros University's main internationalization strategy is to become a world university and also become one of the top leading Universities in the world in teaching and research by forming and developing collaborations with international platforms of science and technology, and by promoting a strong international institutional culture and identity. TU is an international education university. We provide international undergraduate programs. Toros University aims to internationalize its curriculum by increasing the number of study programmers taught in English, increasing the number of international faculty and researchers and improving the language competency of the local teaching and administrative staff. Toros University targets to increase the number of full-time international students and to establish a holistic international student recruitment policy that initially focuses on undergraduate students. In order to attract successful international students, Toros University will increase its international visibility to reinforce its reputation Toros University also aims to be an internationally recognized institution with large contribution to the shaping of the future economic, social and technological development in Turkey and internationally. TU strives to pay attention to regional development with the mission of contributing to the development of human values, to improve human life and to the design of the future through education, scientific research, innovation, entrepreneurship and serve to society, transferring its knowledge to technology and training qualified labor force. ‘It has set out with vision of becoming an internationally recognized university by contributing to the design of the future".Toros University is committed to education, research and service to community; aims to produce the work force of the future, equip the youth with continuous learning skills, critical thinking skills.Toros University emphasizes scientific collaboration, effective, innovative and continuous learning, global citizenship and inclusive culture in order to achieve these goals. TU aims to undergraduate students that would be of high demand in domestic as well as international labor markets, especially in the areas and professions currently in demand in modern society.

          The modernization will help increase the number of TU graduates. Through the student exchange with partner institutions, many possibilities to boost the number of graduates will appear Our University with the Erasmus+ programme offers participants wide opportunities to reach their goals. Beside their studies they learn new things, the way they collect new information, make new connections, organize their time, and identify with new lifestyles. All these experiences are very gratifying and the students will certainly enjoy the benefits in the future. According to Turkish Council of Higher Education law numbered 611, all the credit systems in the Turkish universities have been transformed into the ECTS. Our methodology in terms of academic credit system Is based on Bologna Process and requirements. When outgoing successfully have completed their mobility period and returns home, credit transfer will take place, and the participant will continue studies at the University without any loss of credit. In addition to the credit transfer the mobility period will be mentioned in their Diploma Supplement. The courses are agreed upon a learning agreement between Toros University and host institutions before departure. Students get both oral and written information about the credits system and transfer of credits both before and after mobility period. All participants that complete a mobility period receive either a transcript of record or a certificate of traineeship about a month after the mobility The Erasmus+ actions provides great opportunities to the Toros University to promote its name and education quality to the world. International and European cooperation plays an important role in the strategic development of Toros University. Participation in the Programme for TU will significantly impact the development and modernization of the University through achievement of policy objectives.

          The Directorate of international Relations Office is responsible for all cooperation and mobility operations between our university and foreign universities, running under the Erasmus Programme and International Partnerships. The Directorate of international Relations Office is structured in four sub-units; Erasmus Office, Project Coordination Office, International Students Office and International Partnerships Coordination Office. Mobility Programs are organized as follows on operational basis: Erasmus Programme, International Protocols, Erasmus Office is responsible from reporting and registering the projects to the appropriate legal authority units which may be; Turkish Governmental Units,The National Agency, or other responsible national or international authorities and stakeholders. In order to make sure that all projects are; visible, accessible, practical, feasible, and sustainable; they will be publicly announced and promoted by the Erasmus Office via classic and online media sources such as the University’s webpage, and major social networks. Project developments and outcomes will also be presented publicly at various events held on campus, as well as outside campus; on national and international fairs, conventions, seminars, industrial associations, chambers of commerce and such. Students will be informed in advance about these presentations, and they will be encouraged to take part in them, as either attendees or event organizers; on account that being involved in such events will surely enrich their Professional, social, and network. The Erasmus Office at the University promotes and communicates the possibilities for all students and staff within the university to do a mobility period or be active in other international projects.

          International cooperation has a high priority in Toros University’s institutional policy and plays an important role in the strategic development of TU. Toros University currently has over 54 links with institutions based outside of Turkey and have varieties of activities such as encouraging student/staff exchanges, visiting faculties, dual awards, joint research, enterprise activities and progression arrangements, amongst many others. Toros University values the importance of internationalization and aims to enhance its international profile including European and non-EU countries. Toros university aims to extend the Erasmus+ exchanges to new subject areas. Within the framework of Erasmus + program TU is cooperating with universities and colleges in Europe such as Germany, Poland, Spain, France, and the Balkans, mainly in elements of study and teaching programs. We also have international cooperation, protocols and MoU with universities in such as Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine The partners are chosen on the basis of host institutions' academic programs compatibility with Toros University's academic curriculum, potential to contribute to the academic and personal development of the individuals participating in mobility from either side, quality of the mobility programs implemented by the institution, and potential for mutually beneficial collaboration.

          The Erasmus office will play a facilitating role for international projects. Furthermore, TU is currently working on the professionalization of its project management (for Erasmus + KA2, KA107and other projects). We would like change and collaborate on different actions, our cooperation with these our partner under the frame of KA2 and KA107 projects. Every year during the calling for applying Erasmus+ KA2 and KA107 projects we contact our partners and ask for creating new projects. This will be further developed in the coming years. Toros University continues to actively search for new Erasrnus+ partners as well as organize bilateral agreements with new partners In Europe.

         Toros University targets to increase the number of full-time international students and to establish a holistic international student recruitment policy that initially focuses on graduate students. In orderio attract successful international students, Toros University will increase its international visibility to reinforce its reputation. Toros University encourages the students at all cycles (from short to third) to go abroad for study or traineeship. Toros University places great importance on placement activity to familiarize the students with the practice of profession, application of knowledge and skills in working life. Toros University has a tradition of good cooperation with professional organizations and enterprises abroad. It strives for increasing the number of students participating in placement activity to enhance their employability after graduation. Toros University places emphasis on efficient use of mobility periods - making best use ottime abroad for maximum benefit. Necessary measures are taken to attract the appropriate number and the correct profile of students/staff. Methodology and the criteria are set to guarantee a transparent selection process based on equal opportunities as well as standards agreed by the partners.

          As Toros University is committed to combating discrimination of all kinds, it pledges to pursue according to Article 21 of The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU. All individuals who want to participate in the Programme are welcome with open arms, and all applications will be processed; fairly, transparently, rationally, consistently, and by being documented; for all activities of mobility; regardless of the appliers’ or participants': sex, race, colour, ethnic or social origin, genetic features, language, religion or belief, political or any other opinion, membership of a national minority, property, birth, disability, age or sexual orientation. All individuals who want to join the mobility will be treated fairly and equally, and supported properly by the University. This, being an institution which is against discrimination as a foundation rule, will enrich the University’s non-discriminatory heritage even further, for the well-being of all participants, and the society in general. Students with disabilities such as a visual impairment would like to have the same opportunities. Students with disabilities are supported with extra points during the selections according to Erasmus User's Guide rules. While promoting Erasmus+, Toros University encourages students with disabilities to apply and participate daily student life. Departmental Coordinators will be in contact with all students of mobility and traineeship and follow their advancement during the exchange.Erasmus+ offers opportunities to use skills to grow as a person with a global mind set By means of mobility, new teaching methods and approaches will be created. Institutions will put together more attractive courses and a lot of students will acquire a relevant, better-quality degree and economy would be provided with better-educated workforce - and it would also benefit from more research and innovation.

          Toros University follows all the advantageous developments to help every student to have a high quality mobility experience abroad and manage the motilities more easily. Within Erasmus Without Paper project and European Student Card project Toros University will support standardize and digitalize the most time consuming processes around student mobility Toros University has been registered for Erasmus Without Paper Dashboard to reduce the time spent on key parts of the mobility management and continue the efforts to renew and reproduce our international agreements in a digital format. Erasmus Office will organize orientation programs and meetings that gives outgoing students to know about opportunities of European Student Card. All our students will be informed about the Erasmus Mobile application, guidance will be given and encouraged to use it With the EWP Dashboard, TU aims to increase the number of mobility by making the program more attractive and easily accessible. TU will start the new applications such as European Student Card Initiative and EWP Dashboard to have more efficiently and securely exchange data related to participants, to help the students to have their status recognized, facilitate the access to services in the wider community; Erasmus Office will analyses and assessing the partnership.