•  What is it like to live in Mersin? Would you recommend it? What is the city like?

              Mersin is located in the southest of Turkey and the weather is always warm. Eating, staying somewhere and transportation from one place to another is easy and cheap. For me, living in Mersin is so peaceful and it's so nice to wake up and see the sea first this in morning.

    • What is the student lifestyle like in Mersin?

              For students, Mersin is a very comfortable city. Everything including accomodation, transportation, eating is so cheaper than other cities in Turkey. There are also many places to go and spend time in Mersin, Turkey.

    • How much does it cost to live in Mersin?

              Mersin is one of he cheapest cities in Turkey. The transportation is very cheap even if you want to go to the furthest destination. Your monthly living cost would be like 700-800 liras which is about 300 euros.

    • Is it difficult to find accommodation in Mersin? Is there any advice you can give?

              It's very easy to find somewhere to live in Mersin. There are several accummodation for students around the university but also little far from the seaside you can find apartments which are rented for low prices.

    • What is the food like? What are your favourite dishes?

               You can find food from both Mediterranean and Arabic cultures. People of Mersin love to eat and our famous food is 'tantuni' (little meat, tomatoes, parsley in the wrap bread), seafood, atom (a drink), kerebiç and künefe (desserts) and they're all so delicious!

    • What places would you recommend visiting in Mersin?

              Marina is a mall with some shops and high-qualified cafes(and little expensive). Forum is also a mall with many famous brands. There is a Kushimoto street where you can find many students in the cafes. For historic trips you can see Cennet-Cehennem in Silfike and Tarsus as a small town in Mersin province.

    • Is it good to eat out in Mersin?

              It's so fun to eat out in Mersin and we do it quite often. It's hard to find empty tables in the cafes at nights. Especially on the seaside there are many cafes and pubs. Marina is also a good place to eat and drink.

    • Is the nightlife good in Mersin? Where is good to go?

              Nightlife is so relaxed in Mersin. Even in winter, you can find my places to go out for a drink, eat or dance. People usually have their dinner and take a beer in the popular cafes.

    • What advice would you give students who are heading to Mersin?

              Mersin is a small, familiar city that so easy to get used to. You can find many nice, helpful and frindely people and become their friend. It's good that the city is cheap and easy to live. Reaching to the places is a very easy thing in Mersin as well.